Doors with windows can be stunning design features for your home. Allowing light to shine in and giving you uninterrupted views to the outside adds a sense of airiness and luxury to your space. The only trouble is that doors with windows don’t give you the privacy that a solid door does, and covering them up with curtains is, in most cases, impractical. Here are a few window treatments on the Sunshine Coast that are perfect for doors with windows. 

Panel Glide Blinds

If you have French doors or floor to ceiling sliding doors, Panel Glide Blinds are a great option. They can be made to custom fit your doors so that they fill the entire window and nothing more. Panel Glide blinds come in many different shades and textures. If you’re interested in blinds just for privacy, a sheer blind will stop anybody from seeing in while still allowing light to stream through. If you would rather have the option of total darkness in the room, opt for blackout blinds.

Panel Glide Blinds are also slender enough to fit underneath door handles. This is important, especially on French Doors, because the blinds will be installed on the door itself rather than above them as curtains would. This means that you can open the doors easily without having to fiddle with the blinds.


Roman Blinds

Another great option for both French doors and sliding doors are Roman Blinds. These blinds lend a classic look to your space while effectively blocking light and providing privacy. Just like Panel Glide Blinds, they are also slim enough to fit under handles which make them perfect for French doors. The best part about Roman Blinds is the range of fabrics available. Choose the perfect colour and texture to match the design style of your home and complete the look of your space. 

Venetian Blinds

While you may want privacy most of the time, one function of having windows on your doors is that it is easy to see who is on the other side of them when you need to. If you would like privacy when you need it while still having the ability to easily check who is outside, Venetian Blinds are your best option. The slats fit behind the door handle and the adjustability of the blinds means that you can completely control the amount of light filtering in the room.

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