In interior design, the windows are one of the most important design aspects of your room. They immediately draw people’s eye and can be the focal point of the space. To make your windows a functional and beautiful part of your room, consider which window treatment will work best for each space in your home.

The Best Window Furnishings for Each Room

Living Room

When it comes to the living room, you want your window furnishings to add to the cosiness of the space. Floor-length curtains add a soft, welcoming feel to the room while framing the windows and adding height to the space. For a bold statement choose a bright or impactful colour, or to let the window shine you can go with a neutral tone to complement it. 


While style is important in the bedroom, the thing you will most likely be considering when choosing your window furnishings is light. Being the place where we sleep, being able to block the light out in the early morning is essential. For this reason, thick vertical blinds or blackout curtains are the way to go.

Bedroom curtains


You may overlook window furnishings in the bathroom, but for privacy reasons, they are a must. Panel glide blinds are a great stylish solution for bathrooms as they effectively give you privacy without taking up too much room or looking bulky in what can be a small space. You can also get sheer panel blinds that will still give you privacy but allow in filtered natural light.

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