Whether you need privacy, light blockers, or you want to add the final touches to your home design, all of the above can be achieved with window furnishings. Choosing which window furnishings to go with can feel like an overwhelming process due to the wide range of designs and styles out there. Let us guide you through a few key things to think about when selecting the window furnishings for your Sunshine Coast home.

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How To Choose Your Window Furnishings

Light & Bright or Dark & Cosy

When deciding which window furnishings are right for you, the first thing to consider is how much light you want to let in. For light, bright, and airy kitchens and living rooms, simple sheer curtains could be all you need for the space. For bedrooms and media rooms, having the ability to completely block out light with panel glide blinds comes in handy.

Privacy Matters

Are your neighbours a little too close for comfort? Window furnishings are perfect for maintaining privacy in your home. Both blinds and curtains will give you the privacy you need in any room of the home, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Insulate with Window Furnishings, Sunshine Coast

One awesome benefit of window furnishings on the Sunshine Coast is their insulating properties. There are certain blinds and curtains that are specifically designed to block out heat, keeping your home cool in the height of summer. They can also be a great option for sound insulation in built-up areas.

Match The Room

The window furnishing you choose will largely depend on the space you’re choosing it for. For wet areas of the home such as bathrooms and laundries, curtains are not usually the best option. Go with something easy to clean that won’t hold onto moisture, such as blinds. It’s also important to match your window furnishings to the size of the room. Large curtains will dwarf a small bedroom, just as short, light curtains could look tiny and out of place in a large space.

Safety First

Do you have little kids or pets running around your home? It’s important to consider their safety when choosing your window furnishings. Avoid hazards such as heavy floor-length curtains and chain operated blinds, instead opting for motorised blinds or curtains that stay out of reach of children.

Consider Usability

Just as safety can be a concern with small children, so can usability. If you’re putting window furnishings in a child’s room, you may want to consider how easy they are to use. Furnishings such as curtains are a simple option that allows your little one to control the window furnishings themselves.

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Style & Design

Last but certainly not least is style and design. Your window furnishings are functional decor, which means they can bring plenty of style and personality to your space. Play with colours and designs to match your aesthetic and make a statement in your space.

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