Are you in the process of choosing what type of flooring to have in your home’s common areas? Carpet can often be overlooked, but it has many benefits that lend itself to a comfortable and cosy common area. Lately, carpet has made a comeback in the interior design of common areas in both office spaces and homes. Not only is it comfortable and stylish, but it can also be a good option when it comes to price and longevity.

Why You Should Choose Carpet for Common Areas


Carpet in common areas is perfect if you have little ones running around. Not only is it soft and cosy underfoot, but the nature of the pillowy material means that any fall will be somewhat cushioned compared to other flooring options. This is why carpet is such a great option for those with kids. 


Having carpet in common areas is also more cost-efficient compared to other flooring options. Other floors such as hardwood can be extremely expensive, and other cheap options such as cheaper vinyl and laminates can not appear as stylish as carpet. Carpet has the best of both worlds, coming in at a relatively low cost while maintaining a stylish and even luxurious look.



If you live in a cold climate, carpet will add an extra layer of insulation to your home. The thickness of carpet insulates your home from the outside weather, retaining heat rather than losing it like other flooring options such as tile and hardwood flooring. It also insulates from noise. This can be especially useful for families and noisy locations where peace and quiet are hard to come by.


Depending on the style of carpet you choose, carpet can also be an extremely durable option. Certain styles stand up well to heavy foot traffic and can be expected to last at least 10 years. To ensure your carpet stands up to the test of time, treat it well with regular cleaning and maintenance.


One of the best things about carpet is its timeless style. There is a wide range of different carpet styles and patterns so that you can find exactly what will fit in your home. Whether you’re looking for cosy vibes or want a sleek and luxurious feel, there is a style of carpet that will match your design aesthetic perfectly. 

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