Thinking of building your dream home? Is your current space ready for a facelift? One design element that can make a massive difference to any space is window furnishings. Here’s our guide to the latest trends in blinds, shutters, and curtains on the sunshine coast for 2022.

Best Options For Blinds & Curtains on The Sunshine Coast This Year

More Privacy, More Light

For a while there, window furnishings were all about blocking light and insulating the home. From blackout curtains to opaque blinds, everybody wanted to stop even the smallest sliver of light. While that approach is still useful in bedroom and media rooms, most of us are looking for something a little different in our living areas. 

Sheers have come back into fashion in a big way. A quality sheer window furnishing allows you to welcome the outdoor in while giving you privacy from your neighbours. From vertical blinds to curtains, roman blinds and more, sheer technology has finally mastered the perfect viscosity to let in light while blocking out onlookers.

When In Doubt, Use Layers

Love the look of sheers, but need to block out light as well? For spaces like the bedroom, layers give you the best of both worlds. They allow you to keep your space light and bright throughout the day while still offering that layer of privacy. At night when you want to block out street lights and the approaching morning sun, activate your block-out layer.

Layering can be done in many ways. A simple and elegant solution is double hung curtains with your sheers behind and blackout curtains in front. Not only does this give you privacy and light-blocking functionality, but it also frames the window or door beautifully, softening sharp edges to elevate the design of your room. You can also layer sheer curtains over blockout shutters or blinds.

Purify Your Air With Curtains on the Sunshine Coast

Many of us think of curtains as dust collectors, but did you know that there are curtains that can purify the air in your home? Made using smart new material coatings, they can help to clean your air while in contact with sunlight. Your next best option for air-friendly window furnishings are natural, breathable fabrics or hard shutters and blinds that can’t absorb dust or bacteria.

Neutral, Natural & Minimalist

As far as style goes, the key concepts to keep in mind for 2022 are neutrals, natural fibres, and minimalist window furnishings. Homeowners are loving the soft, breezy, and elevated look of natural neutral fabrics without intense patterns or bright colours. 

You’ll also notice that the window furnishing hardware itself has been stripped back to make it as minimalist and unobtrusive as possible. Utilise hardware such as simple ceiling-high tracks for curtains, doing away with any handles on shutters, and keeping blind pulls streamlined and neatly tucked away.

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