You have decided to go with timber flooring for your home, now you’re faced with the task of choosing which timber flooring type will suit you and your design best. Australia has no shortage of gorgeous timber floors to choose from, so we have gathered some of the more common varieties here to give you some inspiration.

Timber Flooring Types for Indoor Spaces

Tasmanian Oak

The result of combining three Tasmanian eucalyptus species, Tasmanian Oak is a common choice when looking for light coloured hardwood floors. The colouring is warm in tone, featuring cream colours through to light reddish browns, and the grain is always straight and even, making it a popular choice for Australian homes.


If you’re looking for a visually complex timber pattern, Blackbutt gives a gorgeous range of tone, all with the same straight grain. The colours range from blonde tones to pale brown, resulting in a stunning visual effect.

Blackbutt flooring from Proline Floors

Blackbutt flooring from Proline Floors

Alpine Ash

Alpine ash is another light wood, showing off gorgeous blonde tones. It’s often known for its texture, with an intricate but relatively straight grain. Overall the colouring showcases shades of gold and yellow, resulting in a bright and warm toned floor.


Known for being highly durable, turpentine flooring is rich with colour. Overall it’s a darker finish, with the shades varying between rich reddish browns and dark chocolate tones. The straight and coarse grain of the wood lends itself to toughness, making turpentine a great option for a floor that will have plenty of foot traffic.


An extremely popular timber flooring material, the texture of brushbox timber is incredibly fine and the grain is mostly straight throughout. The colours span from light pinkish grey tones to rich reds and light browns, giving the flooring complexity as the colours shift between cool and warm tones.


Jarrah is always a popular choice due to its toughness and durability, coming from the wood’s density and natural resistance to insects. The colour is unmistakable, being a deep red that over time darkens to a strong burgundy shade.

ReadyFlor Jarrah 1 Strip, Premium Floors

ReadyFlor Jarrah 1 Strip, Premium Floors

Red Mahogany

Another intensely red wood, red mahogany is similar to Jarrah in that its resistant against insects and is highly durable. The colouring spans across all shades of red, from light red with gold undertones to deep shades of reddish brown.

There are many more types of timber flooring on the market, but this selection gives a general overview of the most common tones and textures in Australian homes. If you have any questions or want to find out more, contact us. We can let you know what types of timber flooring we have available, or help you figure out what type is right for your home or business.

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