When choosing the right flooring for your home, the three main things people consider are durability, cost, and aesthetic. These are all important factors, as you want the floor you live with every day to last as long as possible for a reasonable price and look good. One factor that many people overlook is the benefit of insulation. Carpet is the best flooring type for insulation, and using it could benefit you and your home in more ways than one. 

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How Carpet Insulation Could Benefit You 


The most obvious insulation benefit that comes with carpet flooring is that it helps regulate the temperature of the house. Due to being protected from the elements, the underside of houses are generally quite cool. This means that, no matter what type of air conditioning you have in the house, flooring such as vinyl or hardwood will conduct the temperature that is coming from below them.

Carpet works differently, trapping air and thus insulating the floor against the temperature below it. Installing carpet will mean that the entire room, including the floor, has a more uniform temperature. This makes for a much more comfortable home, especially in the colder months.

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Energy Costs

Due to carpet regulating the temperature of the floors, it also saves energy. Controlling the temperature can be expensive, especially when you have hard floors that don’t retain heat. It’s like trying to heat a room with a large, uninsulated window. 

Because the carpet and carpet underlay do such a good job at retaining heat, it means that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to regulate the temperature. This saves energy, which in turn saves on energy costs. 

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One insulation benefit to carpet that many people overlook is noise insulation. Some types of flooring, especially timber, allow sound to travel quite freely. Sound bounces off hard surfaces, so any hard flooring option is sure to make your home louder.

The soft texture of carpet helps to absorb sound. This makes it ideal for homes where you don’t want any echo or sound to travel. The thicker the carpet, the more insulating it is from noise from both within and outside the home.

When choosing the right flooring option for your home, make sure you consider the insulation benefits that come with using carpet. The layers and texture of carpet will insulate heat, noise, and ultimately save you money on your electricity bill every month.

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