When it comes to home renovation, one of the best places to start is the floors. Transforming your flooring is the quickest and easiest way to make a massive difference in your space. Here are a few flooring tips and ideas we have picked up over the years that will make a big difference to your home in a small amount of time.

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Flooring Tips & Ideas

Pull Up The Carpet
The first flooring tip we have when it comes to transforming your floors is to see what you’re working with. Pull up that tired old carpet and see what’s underneath. With any luck you’ll have a stunning wooden floor, just waiting for you to revamp it. This may seem like a risk as you don’t know what you might find, but no matter what is under there you will have to replace the dingey carpet someday, and when you do it will make a massive difference to your space.
Vinyl and Laminate
If your expedition under the carpet hasn’t welcomed you with a gorgeous hardwood floor, don’t think you have to pay a fortune and install one. Vinyl and laminate flooring have come a long way since their not so attractive beginnings.
You can now get them in a range of colours and textures, imitating real wood while remaining durable, waterproof, and easy and quick to install. You can even install these guys yourself, making it the ultimate weekend job for all you enthusiastic DIYers out there. For more flooring tips about DIY flooring installation, check out our article DIY or Professional
If you do have room in the budget to install hardwood floors, your resale value will thank you. While vinyl and laminate can look absolutely gorgeous, nothing can quite simulate the exact look and feel of true wood flooring.
Though it may seem like a big renovation to put in wooden floors, most timber flooring can be installed within 1-3 days depending on the size of your space. Just take a weekend away and when you come back you will have stunning new hardwood floors that could last a lifetime and improve your resale value.


The quickest and easiest transformation when it comes to flooring is to replace your tired looking carpet with a fresh, luxurious one. This can be done in one day and doesn’t need to break the bank. Within just a few hours you can completely transform your space from feeling lived in and dusty to fresh and bright.

Whether you strike gold and find hardwood floors hidden in your home, or walk away with gorgeous new vinyl, laminate, or carpet, a quick flooring transformation is the secret to making a massive impact in your space in just a few days. For more helpful flooring tips and ideas, read our other Blog Articles

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