Timber flooring is a classic option for South East Queensland homes. The natural look gives any room timeless style, with hardwood seamlessly fitting in with most design styles, from rustic to modern elegance. The question remains, is timber flooring right for your home? Let us break down the positives and negatives of timber flooring so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Pros of Timber Flooring


There is no doubt that timber flooring is regarded as one of the most beautiful flooring options on the market. Timber flooring has been used for centuries, giving it a timeless feel today. While vinyl flooring can come close to imitating the look of hardwood floors, nothing feels or looks quite the same as authentic timber flooring.

Cool in Summer

In South East Queensland, keeping cool throughout summer is our number one priority. For many homes, the underside of the house is the coolest area.

Timber doesn’t trap much heat like carpet does, which makes it a great conductor for all that cool air underneath your house to cool the boards and your entire home. 


Timber flooring that is maintained well can last for over a hundred years. That’s one floor for your entire life. Doing substantial damage to timber flooring isn’t easy, and any scratches and marks over time can be sanded down and repolished until your floor looks good as new. With reasonable care, timber flooring should last you a lifetime.

Health Benefits

While no flooring option is intrinsicdoesn’t trap any dust or spores. Timber flooring is also great for families as they are

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