More than half of Australians have pets, so it’s no wonder that people always ask us which is the best pet-friendly flooring. When you’re renovating your flooring you want it to be perfect for everyone who will be living there, not just those on two legs. Over the years we have discovered which floors stand up best to the messiness, scratching, and toilet accidents that come along with having pets.

Do you have your heart set on non-pet-friendly flooring? We also take a look at how you can still have the flooring you love and make it work with your pets.

pet dog
Pet-Friendly Flooring


Timber flooring is a much-beloved flooring option, but if you have a pet running or flying around, hardwood may not be your best option. While timber floors are stunning and pretty sturdy, they are susceptible to scratching and water damage. They also can be slippery, providing little traction for your four-legged friends which causes even more scratching and traffic. While there is nothing you can do to avoid this damage except for covering your floor with rugs and cleaning up messes immediately, you can sand your floors down a few times throughout their lifespan to give them a refresh.

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