When it comes to carpets, there are two basic styles of construction, being loop pile, and cut pile. All carpets are made from fibre or yarn that is threaded through the carpet backing. It’s the way that this is done and completed that creates different styles. Each style has its own benefits and is ideal for different uses.

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Different Carpet Styles


When the fibre or yarn has been threaded through the backing in loops, this is referred to as loop pile carpet. There is a range of styles of loop pile carpets, the main three being level loop pile, multi-level loop pile, and corded loop pile.

Level loop pile is one of the cleanest looking styles of carpet. The loops are threaded through uniformly to create tight rows of loops. This style holds up well in high traffic areas as it’s so tightly bound.

Multi-level loop pile is created when the loops aren’t uniform. This style can create a random, textured effect, or can be used to create subtle patterns in the carpet. 

Corded loop pile is even more tightly threaded than level loop pile. This results in an extremely tight and uniform carpet, sometimes in distinct high and low rows. This style of carpet is firm underfoot and extremely durable.

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Cut pile carpet is constructed in much the same way as loop pile, the difference coming after the carpet is threaded. Where loop pile is left as is, cut pile is when the loops are cut to create upright threads, resulting in a softer carpet underfoot. The three main styles of cut pile carpet are plush, twist, and frieze.

Plush and twist cut pile carpets are similar except for the length of the cut threads. Both have twisted threads, but plush carpets are trimmed short to make the threads stand upright, uniformly, creating a luxurious, velvety feel. Twist carpets have longer threads. Due to these threads being twisted, the long threads fall in varied directions to create an irregular texture and soft feel.

Frieze carpets have untwisted threads that are also cut longer than plush and twist carpets. This results in an especially cosy feel underfoot and is ideal for use in bedrooms.

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When you combine loop pile and cut pile you get a combination carpet. These types of carpets add texture to the space. The loops and cuts can be even with one another or be uneven to further highlight the difference between the two and create more texture. Thanks to this varied texture, combination carpets work well in kid’s rooms to hide marks and stains.

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