Are you considering artificial grass for your lawn but worried about it getting too hot? Back in the day, the synthetic materials used to make artificial grass would absorb an excessive amount of heat. The result was piping hot ground that rivals bitumen, searing your feet on a hot summer’s day. 
The good news is that those days are long gone. Many advancements have been made in the design and manufacturing of synthetic grass to make it more durable, realistic, and comfortable underfoot. This means you can rest assured that your new artificial lawn won’t give you any blisters this summer.

Tips For Keeping Your Artificial Grass Cool

While artificial grass nowadays won’t burn your feet, it’s still a synthetic material that will absorb some heat. Nowhere near enough to cause the discomfort of yesteryear, but more than natural lawns. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to ensure your lawn stays cool this summer.

Invest In High-Quality Artificial Grass

Without question, the best thing you can do to stop your grass from overheating in summer is invest in a high quality product. Just like any product, artificial grass comes in different grades and is made from a range of different materials. Consult one of our experts today to discover which type of artificial grass is best suited to your landscape and environment.

Opt For Heat-Resistant Infill

Infill is the material scattered between the blades of your artificial grass, supporting it. It’s what allows it to stand upright and gives it a cushioned or bouncy feel underfoot. There are a few different types of infill available, from crumb rubber to sand and silica granules. Each of these materials absorbs and retains heat differently. When choosing your infill, discuss your options with one of our experts to get the best type for your circumstance.

Shade Is Your Lawn’s Best Friend

From shady trees to umbrellas, canopies, and awnings, a little shade can go a long way for artificial grass. It will help to keep the ground cool and protect your lawn from sun damage. The result is a cooler lawn that has the added benefit of keeping its colour rather than fading in the hot summer sun.

When In Doubt, Hose It Off

If your artificial grass is heating up on a hot summer’s day, there is no better remedy than a cool shower. Turn the hose on your lawn and let it cool off. While you may have chosen artificial grass to avoid the chore of watering your lawn, all it needs is a quick once-over and it will cool off in no time.

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