Are you considering installing synthetic grass, but you’re worried about the health and wellbeing of your pets? With our beautiful weather, family-friendly neighbourhoods and outdoor lifestyle, so many Sunshine Coast households have pets that are part of the family! So, its a question we get a lot at Kawana Flooring.


What if we told you that synthetic grass is not only dog friendly, but can actually be the perfect base for your pet’s lifestyle? Here are a few reasons why dog lovers should consider installing synthetic grass at their homes.

Why Synthetic Grass is Great For Your Pets

Low Maintenance

Mowing and caring for a natural lawn can be a pain, especially if you have an excitable dog running around and getting in your way. That’s why the low maintenance nature of synthetic grass is such a great option for pet owners. Our lawns are also easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a hosing down and your usual waste removal methods.

Soft on Paws

When many people think of synthetic grass, they think of that tough, spikey turf from decades ago. Synthetic grass has changed a lot since then, becoming more realistic and comfortable with each passing year. The synthetic grass you can install today can be just as soft as natural grass, perfect for your pup’s paws.


The biggest thing that pet owners worry about when considering synthetic grass is a waste problem. The reality is that certain types of synthetic grass can be anti-absorbant, making waste clean up extremely easy. The best part is that your pet’s waste won’t ever kill your grass again!

synthetic grass


Does your pup love to dig holes in your backyard? With synthetic grass in your Sunny Coast yard, a lawn full of potholes will be a thing of the past. Synthetic grass is super durable and isn’t that appealing to your dog. This means your dog won’t tear up your lawn, be it on purpose or through general wear and tear from playing and running around.

No Harmful Chemicals

One of the most common objections to synthetic grass we hear is that there are harmful chemicals involved, making natural grass a healthier option. This simply isn’t true. Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be treated with any chemicals whatsoever, and so won’t be omitting any harmful chemicals that could hurt you or your pets. Natural grass, on the other hand, is often treated with pesticides which can be damaging to both humans and dogs. 

Looking for more perks to synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast? Check out our blog article, Benefits of an Artificial Lawn.

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