Whether you’re moving house, have just renovated, or are moving into a brand new home, you may be concerned with how your floors will hold up throughout the move. Whether you have rich hardwood floors or a luxurious carpet, floor protection will save you money and keep your floors in mint condition.

Display house from Costa Homes

Display house from Costa Homes

Floor Protection Tips While Moving

Lift, Don’t Drag

The golden rule of floor protection while moving is to lift and never drag. It might be a little more effort and will take some extra time but it will prevent plenty of scrapes and marks on your floors. If something is way too heavy to lift yourself, slide some towels or mats underneath it before you slide it, or hire movers to do the heavy lifting for you.

Cover Your Floors

The best way to protect your floors is to cover them up. Lay down rugs, towels, or invest in some protective matting to lay down during the move. Having that extra padding there will not only make the clean up as easy as removing the cover but will cushion any impact and protect against scrapes. 

Door Mats

One thing that people often forget to consider when moving is the weather. Especially in South East Queensland, chances are there might be a bit of mud around during your move, and that mud could be tracked right onto your floors. The easiest solution for this is to lay down mats at every entrance you will be using during the move. You can wipe your feet clean, avoiding a big mess at the end and any scrapes from dirt being carried in on the bottom of your shoes.

Measure First, Move Once

No matter how careful you are, the best chance you have of not damaging your floors is to limit the amount of moving altogether. Before the moving truck even pulls up, you should have a clear idea of which room every box and piece of furniture needs to go in. If you can take it a step further and know exactly the right spot for the larger items that will save you more moving yet again. 

Use Felt Pads and Lay Rugs

Just because the move is over, doesn’t mean your floors are safe. Spend some time either during or right after the move applying felt pads to the bottom of your furniture. This is especially important for frequently moved and dragged items such as table chairs and stools to avoid scrapes. You can also lay down rugs to add some extra, long term floor protection.

By applying these simple floor protection tips your floors should be safe from any damage during the move. Check out our blog for more articles.

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