There is no better feeling than sleeping in a luxury hotel. Beyond the obvious benefits such as time away, an unbelievably comfortable bed, and room service, it’s often the smallest details that give a room the hotel look. Here’s how curtains, blinds, and other window furnishings can completely transform your space.

How To Create The Hotel Look With Curtains & Blinds

Welcome Light & Darkness

First, let’s get the practical side of things out of the way. At their most functional, curtains and blinds are there to filter and block light. For a truly luxurious feel, ensure that your chosen window furnishings can both welcome in and block out light at a moment’s notice. After all, it’s not much of a luxurious stay if you can’t enjoy a sleep-in one minute, and a sweeping view the next. 

Use Layers

How can you both welcome and block out light with one window furnishing? For the true luxe feel, one set of block out curtains or blinds isn’t going to cut it. Layering your window furnishings allows you to introduce new colours, textures, and functions into the mix. 
A popular choice is blackout curtains paired with light sheer curtains behind them. The sheers allow you to welcome in light while providing privacy. The blackouts frame the sheers beautifully by day while insulating the room from light, cold, and noise at night.

Colour & Style

The colour and style of your chosen curtains or blinds will entirely depend on your personal taste. For a natural, earthy look, choose light and airy neutrals. For a luxe grand millennial design, you can get away with bold patterns and heavy fabrics. Ensure that your chosen design fits with the rest of the space and, if you choose to layer curtains, make sure they complement one another.

Fabric Matters

While you may be tempted to choose the cheapest fabric in your desired colour and print, know that quality shows. Higher-end hotels will usually choose high-quality fabrics for two reasons. First, they are more durable and will last longer. Second, they hang better and can elevate a room with their luxurious textures.

The Polished Look

Lastly, it’s important to consider the entirety of your window furnishings. You may have found the most beautiful printed curtains, but if you hang them on a cheap plastic rod that bends in the middle they won’t achieve the desired effect. 

For an effortlessly polished look, choose curtains that hang right to the floor and hang them high on the wall. Choose back-tab, pocket, or pleated curtains to completely hide the rod altogether. Combined, these techniques will give the room the polished, grand look that you can find in the best hotel rooms.

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