Borders are open, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for a well overdue holiday. To inspire your next trip we’ve scoured AirBnB for their most impressive luxury holiday homes, taking into account every little detail, from vinyl luxury planks to the calibre of their sweeping views. Be warned, these stays may trigger uncontrollable drooling and an insatiable itch to travel.

The Invisible House

Tucked away in the breathtaking desert landscape of Joshua Tree is one of the most expensive holiday homes on this list. Inside you’ll find a luxury four-bedroom stay with a 100-foot indoor swimming pool and sweeping views wherever you turn. From the outside, the house is, well, invisible. Clad from top to toe with reflective glass it blends seamlessly into the landscape. The result is a home always in touch with nature while offering every luxury your holiday deserves.

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1930’s Villa

Next we take a look at the 1930’s Villa, halfway between Palm Beach and Whale Beach. Nestled amongst the trees is a nearly century-old villa that perfectly blends old-world charm with modern luxury. Relax by your choice of the infinity pool or fireplace while you take in the stunning views and equally impressive architecture.

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The Grand Tiki

While not strictly a ‘holiday home’ in the traditional sense, The Grand Tiki still deserves a spot on its list for the unbeatable location. Located off the coast of Florida, this vacation stay is floating atop the waters of Key West. That’s right, you can literally stay ON the water, paddleboards and snorkels included.

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The Mirror Villa

Another glass-clad masterpiece, we have The Mirror Villa in Vietnam. On top of the unbelievable views from the seven spacious bedrooms, this holiday home boasts a steam bath and sauna, rooftop jacuzzi, vinyl luxury planked sunken living room, starlit ceilinged karaoke room, massive pool with underwater lighting, its own golf course, and all your other luxury home essentials, such as a home gym and indoor waterfall.

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Piccadilly House

Let’s cap this list off with something a little closer to home. When you picture Coopers Shoot’s Picadilly House, think light and bright with just enough natural tones and soft textures to keep it cosy. From the vinyl luxury planks to the seven spacious bedrooms and infinity pool with sweeping hinterland views, this home perfectly unites luxury and comfort. For a close-to-home stay that will whisk your worries away, this holiday house is made for you.

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