The easiest way to decorate your home is to choose a design style and run with it. While this is generally simple to do when it comes to furniture or decor, you may not know that some designs call for their own specific flooring to complete the look. We have listed the most common designs and the floors that match them so that you can achieve your desired style.


To achieve a contemporary design, the flooring you are after is chic hardwood floors, bamboo flooring, or vinyl flooring. The idea is to keep things simple and beautiful, allowing natural floors with a subdued texture to become the base of your design. You want the room to feel airy and spacious, so opt for neutral tones and colours. To designate areas lay down an off-white, simple rug.

timber flooring


The bohemian style is all about mixing both airy and grounding pieces, as well as providing neutral backdrops for bright, patterned accents. Bamboo flooring is the perfect light wood for this, and can be layered with something neutral like a natural fibre rug or something brightly patterned with an abstract or paisley design.


The sleek industrial look calls for sturdy floors of dark hardwood with visible nails, or polished concrete. You want the floor to look imperfect to get that industrial vibe. No rugs are required for this look as the idea is to create a functional and hardy looking space, filled with mixed metals and rich tones.

industrial design

Mid Century Modern

Clean lines, natural wood, and neutral tones are king when it comes to creating a mid century modern design. You can either go for a basic, understated wall to wall carpet in a cool tone or opt for a rich unfinished wood flooring to bring out the wood textures in the decor. Either way you want as little texture as possible.


If you want a functional and warm space, Scandinavian design is a great option. Choose light wood floors that are sturdy and warm toned to make the space seem open and inviting. Layer it with a flat rug to add a pop of colour.

Scandi design

Shabby Chic

When it comes to shabby chic you want your flooring to look as natural and worn down as possible. Choose hardwood floors with an almost rustic feel to them, and don’t worry too much about gaps between floorboards and visible nails as it’s all part of the look.


The modern style calls for sleek, cool tones with dark, smooth floors. Have a look at some vinyl or hybrid options to find the perfect colour for your home and pay attention to detail to master the finished lines that the modern style is known for.

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