When you’re shopping for new window furnishings, size matters. Whether you’re going with curtains, window blinds, or any other design, the last thing you want is to come home with the wrong fit. Here’s your guide to properly measuring your windows at home for any type of window furnishing.

How To Accurately Measure Your Windows

Use The Right Tools

Before you start, you need the right tools for the job. While it may seem obvious, an accurate and sturdy tape measure is a must. You want your window furnishings to perfectly fit your window, which requires exact measurements - not approximate arm lengths or estimations. If you have a particularly high or difficult-to-reach window, there are laser measuring devices that can help. 

Collect All Measurements

The most important thing to remember when measuring windows is to measure the right parts. Different window furnishings require different measurements, which is why we recommend taking all the measurements you can. The most crucial ones are the width and height of the window, both including and excluding the reveals, frames, and architraves (in other words, all the parts of the window that aren’t glass). It’s also a good idea to measure your wall and where your window sits on that wall. This will help to determine how high your window furnishings can be installed and how long they can be.

Take Note of Obstructions & Features

Is your air conditioner right next to your window architrave? Do you have bay windows that jut out at specific angles? Take note of anything that obstructs your window or makes it unique. These factors may influence which window furnishing you choose, in some cases ruling out certain options. 

Measuring For Different Window Furnishings

Now that you have all your basic measurements, it’s time to choose your window furnishings. Whether your motivation is to block the sun, trap in warmth, diffuse light, increase privacy, or enhance the design of your home, different window dressings achieve different goals. Consider all of these objectives when choosing your window furnishings and ensure you take the proper measurements for your furnishing of choice.

Window Blinds

There are many different styles of window blinds, all of which will interact with your window in different ways. For example, panel glide blinds are usually fitted within the window reveals while Roman blinds can extend on top of and beyond the architraves, as can Venetian blinds. Consider this when measuring so that you get the right measurement for the fit you would like.


Window Curtains

Just like window blinds, curtains can be used to enhance both function and style in your home. When it comes to measurements, you want the width of your curtains to at least double the width of your windows. This allows them to fall comfortably and loosely even when closed, instead of being pulled taught across the window. The curtain rod should also extend beyond the window itself so that you can fully open your curtains without blocking your view. Another tip is to invest in longer curtains than you need and mount your curtain rod high on your wall, giving the illusion that your window is larger than it is.

Find The Perfect Window Furnishings For Your Home

Looking for the perfect window blinds or curtains? Contact us to discuss your window furnishing options, or check out our Blog for more information.

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