Make Your Space Look Bigger with the Right Floor

Flooring is a key element of a room, and it can make or break your design. The perfect floor will fit in seamlessly with the rest of the space, while a mismatch will stick out like a sore thumb. This is why choosing the right flooring for your room is so important.

Ideally you want your floors to compliment your space, making a vast room seem cosy or a tiny room seem spacious. We have come up with this guide to help you pick the right floor for a small space. Whether you’re after carpet, timber, vinyl, or laminate floors, here are just a few key tips and tricks to matching the perfect floor to a tiny room.

small apartment

Keep it Simple

While busy patterns and intricate detail can be a welcome feature in a large room, clean and simple floors tend to work best in small spaces. This doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of patterns altogether, just try to choose something understated so that the room doesn’t seem cluttered.

The same thing goes for texture, don’t overshadow the rest of the room with a chunky shag carpet. Compliment the small space with something comfortable and cosy.

Light and Neutral

Another key tip is to keep the colour scheme in light and neutral tones. Bright and dark colours will immediately draw the eye and absorb all light, making the room seem claustrophobic and busy.

Go with a lighter wood, vinyl, or carpet for your floors. A clean palate gives the room a light and airy atmosphere, and if the room needs it you can always add a pop of colour with décor items later on.

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Create Negative Space

One thing that is sure to make any space seem smaller is to have too much to look at. If you’re using timber floors, make sure you get wider panels so that there are less seams between planks.

flooring for small spaces

When choosing the type of timber, opt for something that doesn’t have too much detail in the wood grain. Another way to make more negative space is to match the colour of the floors with the walls. This will allow for a seamless flow from floor to wall, drawing the eye up without any distracting colour blocking to stop the flow.

Design for the Room

The last tip is a simple one, make sure you plan the right flooring layout for the room. The way you lay out your flooring can heavily impact how big the space seems. A great rule of thumb with timber or panel floors is to line up the planks along the longest wall. This will draw attention to the broadest part of the room while distracting from shortcomings.

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