Trying to choose the perfect bedroom flooring for you? We have you covered. The right flooring will be different for everyone, which is why we’ve come up with 10 questions that will guide you toward the best choice for your bedroom. 

Find out which bedroom flooring is right for you based on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Bedroom Flooring

What look and feel do you want to wake up to?

Let’s start with the most obvious question. What do you want your bedroom to look and feel like? Do you like rich, earthy tones and cool smooth surfaces? Then timber is for you. Prefer the soft and luxurious vibe? Go with carpet. Figure out which flooring you love the most based on the look and feel alone, then weigh it up against all the logical factors that follow.

What’s your budget?

Potentially the biggest deciding factor for your flooring options will be your budget. If you’re renovating on a tight budget, timber or tile flooring may not be in the cards. Consider more cost-effective bedroom flooring such as carpet, vinyl, or laminate. The good news is that vinyl and laminate flooring has become impressively good at mimicking both tile and timber, giving you the look of your dream floor for less.

Do you have allergies?

If you’re particularly sensitive to histamines, you may want to consider going with a hypo-allergenic bedroom flooring. Bamboo or other types of timber flooring are great options for this. Steer clear of carpet, especially shaggy or high pile carpet, as it will trap dust and could prevent a good night’s sleep.

Is your house cold or hot?

Do you find your bedroom is always freezing? Perhaps it’s permanently in sauna mode? Choose your flooring to suit the climate. Carpet can be a great insulator, trapping in warmth, while timber is great for conducting cool air beneath the house.

Do you have downstairs neighbours?

Whether you want to block out noise or prevent your downstairs neighbours from hearing your every step, your flooring can help. Carpet does a great job at blocking out and muffling sound. You can also go with vinyl or laminate, just make sure you put down a decent sub-floor that will insulate against heavy footfalls. 

Do you have pets?

Love it when your furry friend wakes you up in the morning? Go with a flooring option that will stand up to your pet’s messes and activity. Vinyl and laminate are generally the best options for those with pets. They don’t stain like carpet and aren’t as easily scratched as timber. Want more info? Check out our blog on the best pet-friendly flooring options.

Do you have a baby or small children?

The rules for kid-friendly flooring are similar to allergy-friendly flooring. You want something that doesn’t trap dust or any nasty bacteria. It’s also good to go with something that is easy to clean and is natural. Timber checks all these boxes, with vinyl and laminate coming in second.

Are you striving for a sustainable home?

Trying to live your life sustainably? Timber is made from natural materials, making it mostly recyclable and generally not requiring harsh chemicals to make or install.

Looking for something low-maintenance?

For a floor that you don’t need to stress about, vinyl and laminate are the way to go. They are durable, easy to clean, and can often be replaced in sections - just in case any disasters do happen.

Which flooring makes you feel most relaxed?

At the end of the day, your bedroom is your sanctuary. You want it to be a peaceful, relaxing place where you feel completely comfortable. Whether that means having soft, lush carpet, durable and hassle-free vinyl or laminate, or natural timber, choose the flooring that will make you feel the most relaxed.

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