Renovating your home? New flooring is the literal foundation of your home design, making a massive difference to the style and feel of your space. Changing up your flooring, however, isn’t as easy as swapping out furniture or getting a new rug. Whether you’re taking the DIY route or are hiring professionals, here are five things you can do to ensure your new flooring installation runs smoothly.

How To Prepare For Your New Flooring Installation

Rip Up Your Old Flooring

The first step in new flooring installation is to - you guessed it - rip up your old flooring. This could be as simple as getting your flooring installers to do it for you, which some do offer. Otherwise, you can always tackle this part yourself. If you’re ripping up your own flooring, ensure that you know exactly what you need and how to go about it. The last thing you want is to do is cause damage to your own home that could cost more than paying for expert removal in the first place.

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Thoroughly Clean the Floor

The next step is simple. Thoroughly clean the floor in question. We’re not talking a quick sweep - we mean thoroughly. There are certain types of flexible flooring such as some types of carpet, vinyl, and laminate, that can show bumps if even the slightest bit of grit or dirt is underneath them. Avoid this with a good clean before the new flooring installation.

Think Ahead and Create a Plan

Do your walls need painting? Is the room where the new flooring installation is taking place difficult to reach? Here is where you need to do some planning ahead. Installation work can get messy, which means that there could be scuffing and denting of the walls and floors both in the room your working on and throughout the house. Make sure you plan ahead and cover up any valuable furniture in your home, protect your existing flooring in other rooms, create a clear path for you or workers to maneuver through the home, and maybe save your fresh paint job for after the flooring is installed.

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Plan for Waste Removal

One thing that many people don’t think about when they’re getting new flooring installation is where all the waste will go. This waste can be anything from packaging to old flooring if you’re getting your floors professionally removed before the installation. Think ahead and ensure you either have room in your own bins or, if the waste will be too substantial or not suitable for your waste removal company to handle, you have a way to safely remove it.

Know What to Expect

The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for new flooring installation is to know what to expect. If you’re doing your own flooring installation, ensure that you know every step of the process before your start. Even if you’re hiring a professional to install your floors, make sure that you ask them questions during the walkthrough. This way you will know exactly how long the installation will take, whether you can walk on the new flooring immediately after, and you’ll be able to block out your calendar for the installation itself.

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