Are you thinking of adding awnings to your home?

Coming in a broad range of styles and materials, awnings can be a great addition to any house for many reasons. From aesthetics to saving money, here are just four benefits that you can expect when you install brand new awnings.

What Awnings Can Do For Your Home

Save Energy & Keep Your Home Cool

One of the most measurable benefits that can come from installing awnings is a reduced energy bill. It’s no surprise that South East Queensland homes can use up a lot of energy each year just on air conditioning alone. With awnings, you can rely less on your AC unit and more on natural and free methods of home cooling.

The shade that awnings provide means that your entire house will stay cooler during summer. This could reduce your energy bill significantly. It can even be worth installing an awning to shade your outdoor AC unit to further protect it and reduce overheating.

Protect You & Your Home

Awnings don’t just block heat. They also protect you and your home from a range of weather conditions that could cause lasting damage. By stopping the sun from streaming in, you can avoid your furniture, flooring, paint, and more from being bleached and warped - not to mention avoid sunburns in your own home. 

Having extra protection around your windows also prevents them from being damaged by harsh storms and hail. No water will get the opportunity to seep into any cracks or weaknesses in the exterior of your home. You can also leave windows open while it’s raining without fear of water coming inside.

Increase Curb Appeal

If your house is looking a little bit lacklustre, awnings are a great way to add a pop of colour. They act as a design feature, framing your windows and increasing the exterior appeal of your home. Choose from our wide range of awnings to achieve a range of stunning aesthetics and transform the look of your house.

Increase Value

All of the benefits listed above result in one more perk that every homeowner loves to hear. The overall value of your home will increase. From the boost in curb appeal to the energy savings and extending the lifespan of your home, they all work to make your home a more desirable space for potential buyers.


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