When thinking about updating your home for sale, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add style and modern detailing is with quality wooden floorboards.

Gone are the days where installing floorboards was an expensive and timely exercise. Floorboards are not just the perfect modern feature to add when moving home, but the large variety of colours and styles available, plus their hardwearing nature, can help to instantly refresh a space - which is exactly what you want when trying to sell.

When moving home and looking to update your home's decor, floorboards should be your first go-to solution, and here is why.

The Top 3 Reasons Why New Floorboards are a Must When Selling Your Property

#1. They Add Value to the Home

When buyers notice timber floors in the home, they instantly feel the home has been updated. Giving the impression of a more expensive floor can, in turn, put a higher offer on the table.


#2. Style Sells

Floorboards can really add value to the overall style sense of your home when moving. For a formal look, dark floorboards add the elegance the home demands; for coastal, Hamptons homes, rustic floorboards fit the 'beachy' feel perfectly. It allows buyers to visualise their style in the home, which is what you want when selling.

#3. Longevity

If you use a reputable flooring company to supply and install your floorboards, you can expect them easily to last up to 10 years. Scratches can be polished over or sanded out and the wood continues to stay looking like brand new. They are also significantly easier to clean and maintain than carpets or other forms of flooring.

If you are planning on moving home and looking to update your property for a profitable sale, installing floorboards is the easiest and most effective styling tool to attract buyers. Not only do they look stunning in the home, but they also add value in many other ways come sale time, particularly to your back pocket.

This article was written in conjunction with removalist company Hire A Mover.


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